A Drop For Colorado

Open Heart is a fiscally sponsored project of the Living GREEN Foundation (FEIN: 26-1421917) a not-for-profit 501c3 organization based in Boulder, Colorado. All financial contributions to Open Heart’s Donor Advised Fund are tax deductible and go directly toward community organized flood relief efforts, volunteers and activities aligned with the mission of the Foundation.

When donating, please specify Open Heart and any of the following activities you would like us to direct your funds toward. We can also direct funds to our general fund. Our current priorities for flood relief include:

  • Getting local organic farmers up and running as soon as possible. The farm to table community in Colorado is vast. Local restaurants and small grocers need help now.
  • Ditch companies coordinate the use and ensure proper maintenance for the efficient operation of surface water irrigation systems and conveyances, which are critical to our local farmers.
  • Reconstruction efforts for Parks, Open Spaces, Trails, Rivers, Streams, Lakes, and Reservoirs.

GREEN Mission: The Living GREEN Network has one goal: make it easy and fun for students, parents, and donors to give, live, and learn in their communities, while supporting and promoting the people and organization’s committed to social and environmental causes world-wide.

GREEN Vision: The Living GREEN Network envisions a world full of inspired donors and clients who advance their causes in ways that are effective, conscientious, and innovative.

GREEN Culture: Living GREEN’s work is an authentic expression of our collective interests, intrinsic strengths, and passions. We adhere to a core set of principles and to these values: creativity, innovation, integrity, agility, passion, energy, resilience, diversity, collaboration, transparency, and foresight.